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UAL Action Reporting in the Press

Posted March 16, 2016 By Local 769

To all of our UAL Members and others following the past actions against United Airlines. Recent efforts to show the company that the Aircraft Technicians will not settle for anything less than a leading industry contract can get the latest new’s reports from external media sources at the links below.

Teamster Mechanics Threaten Strike Against United Airlines

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IMG_2107 - Edited

On February 26, 2016, hundreds of United Airlines mechanics picketed at the San Francisco, Los Angeles (LAX), Newark, LaGuardia, Washington Dulles, Cleveland, Boston Logan and Orlando airports, to educate passengers about the possibility of upcoming strikes.

Last week, mechanics voted down United’s contract proposal by 93 percent. Mechanics also voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. Over 9,000 mechanics at United are represented by the Teamsters Union, which is petitioning the National Mediation Board for a strike release.IMG_2114

“We sacrificed a lot, including our retirement security, to save this company,” said shop steward Fred Wood, a 24-year mechanic at United in San Francisco. “The only winners here are United executives, who are enriching themselves with $3 billion in stock buybacks to boost the value of their own stock options. Meanwhile, we’re basically being asked to pay for our own raises. We are loyal workers who have stuck with United for decades, and we’re out here today to let passengers know that we’re not going to let United abuse us anymore.”

IMG_2116“When United was in bankruptcy, it terminated employees’ pensions with the promise that it would make workers whole with profit sharing when good times returned. Now United is earning record profits and spending billions to buy back stock, yet it is slashing mechanics’ profit sharing by two-thirds and offering mechanics only a 73-cent-per-hour net wage increase annually. Mechanics are rightly angry with United’s Board of Directors, and that’s why there may be strikes this summer,” said Capt. David Bourne, Director of the Teamsters Airline Division.

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Orlando UAL Mechanics Protest Contract Offer

Posted February 23, 2016 By Local 769

February 19, 2016, hundreds of United Airlines mechanics protested the airline’s contract offer by picketing outside key maintenance bases at the San Francisco, Houston and Orlando airports. The above video is of members of Teamsters Local 769 at Orlando International Airport.

The mechanics held picket signs that read, “Millions for UAL Execs—Peanuts for Passengers and Mechanics.” Line mechanics and technicians at other United facilities across the United States also participated by wearing “Tell UAL: NO” stickers at their workplaces.

Earlier this week, mechanics voted down United’s contract proposal by 93 percent. Mechanics also voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. Over 9,000 mechanics at United are represented by the Teamsters Union, which will petition the National Mediation Board for a strike release.

Amerijet Pilots Reject Company “Offer”

Posted February 11, 2016 By Local 769

unnamedas published in the Teamsters Airline Division week in review

After the management of Amerijet circumvented Federal law and attempted to negotiate directly with certain members of the pilot group instead of the union, the company and a handful of pilots pushed to have the Union put the Company’s proposal out for a vote. While the union believed it was under no legal obligation to do so, the Teamsters opted to do so to show the pilots’ resolve and lay that distraction to rest.

The result, announced on Friday, was another major defeat for the company and their union busting tactics. Almost 60% of pilots rejected the company offer of a substandard agreement. All eligible voters had the opportunity participate in this process supervised by Ballot Point, a third-party. The previous unsanctioned election conducted at the company’s urging in 2015 did not reflect all the pilots’ true intent.

In a message to the membership on Friday announcing the results, Local 769 Business Agent David Renshaw outlined the process going forward when he said, “Teamsters Local No. 769 will contact the Company and the National Mediation Board to continue the negotiation/mediation process and obtain an agreement between the parties.  There is NO reason why our ongoing labor dispute needs to continue.   We could have this matter wrapped up in days if the company dealt with us in good faith. The Teamsters and our pilots are prepared to continue negotiations next week and we hope the company is too!”  Mr. Renshaw added that all pilots should contact company CEO Dave Basset, who has been prominent in the recent efforts to force a contract on pilots, to get his team back to work on an agreement immediately.

TAMC Granted Non-Profit Status

Posted January 9, 2016 By Local 769

The following article was featured in the January edition of the Teamster Leader and relates to our brothers and sisters in the Airline Mechanics industry.

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AmeriJet Crew Update

Posted November 4, 2015 By Local 769


On Tuesday, November 3, 2015 the National Mediation process was scheduled to begin in Fort Lauderdale, FL at AmeriJet headquarters.

The following participants attended:

Eva J. Durham-Mediator-National Mediation Board

Anthony Tosi-Mediator-National Mediation Board

David Bourne-Director of Airline Division at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Steve Nagrotsky-Deputy Director of Airline Division at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters

David Renshaw- Business Agent, Teamsters Local No. 769

Pilot and P.F.E. Bargaining Committee

Derry Huff-Amerijet

Isis Suria-Amerijet

Today, to our surprise, Amerijet filed a lawsuit with United States District Court-Southern District of Florida.  The lawsuit was filed against the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.  The lawsuit, in our opinion, is a frivolous lawsuit and we are currently reviewing it with the legal department at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.  Let me be clear, your company, Amerijet, is the one who has processed this lawsuit and now that a lawsuit has been generated the National Mediation Board has no other option but to place the current mediation process on hold until said legal matters get resolved.  The lawsuit was filed because the company states that the pilot group held an internal VOTE! Each of you know of the individual(s) that were behind and involved in this “non” sanctioned vote and due to their irresponsible actions, they are now responsible for HOLDING up the process of obtaining a collective bargaining agreement in which would include an increase in wages and other additional enhancements.  We, the Union, were looking forward to a productive process. However, once again, your Company has expressed a continuous display of anti-labor relations, that are in place for the benefit of you and your families.

As stated before, do not sign any paper/document until your shop stewards and or Business Agent has an opportunity to review, as you can see a signature can have serious ramifications.

We have a crew conference call scheduled for:

Date: Sunday, November 8, 2015
Phone number: 1(857)232-0155
Conference Code:            252106

This recent action only confirms the importance of having a labor organization especially for an employer like Amerijet.  Their actions will only provide us with additional UNITY.

The following letter has been provided by the Teamsters Airline Division Director David P. Bourne and is in regards to the ongoing AmeriJet negotiations.


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CAL/UAL Mediation Update

Posted October 6, 2015 By Local 769
cal-ual-updateAttention all s-CAL & s-UAL Technicians & Related. Teamsters Local 769 Business Agent Tommy Esposito, would like to urge everyone to read the press releases from the Teamsters Airline Division, at the following links.
“Although progress was made, the last two weeks of mediation did not yield the results we were expecting.”, said Tommy. “The results were a little disappointing, however we are still confident we will make further progress at the next round of meetings in Fort Lauderdale during the week of October 19, 2015, with the goal to once again to achieve an industry leading tentative agreement.”
United Airlines clips:
Times Gazette:
E Turbo News:
Air Wise:
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Street Insider:
Herald Recorder:
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UAL Negotiations Update

Posted October 2, 2015 By Local 769

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AmeriJet Crew Update

Posted September 2, 2015 By Local 769

Teamsters Local 769-Supreme Court Update (9.1.15)


As many of you are aware, we have had multiple grievances tied into our ongoing matters in the Federal Court of the United States, including but not limited to Port of Spain.  The position of the Union has been the same since day one and that is the following – “open grievance(s) should be heard in front of an arbitrator.”  We are proud to announce that Teamsters Local 769 has prevailed and we have recently received notice of said decision. “While there may be merit in AmeriJet’s argument”, the Court of Appeals decided that AmeriJet is making this argument in the wrong forum.  It is now the role of the arbitrator to determine whether those collective bargaining agreements apply to the aggrieved employees and whether those employees are entitled to relief on the merits of their claim.  As such, the Court grants the Teamster’s a motion to compel the arbitration of grievances in Counts II and III.  Our lawyers are currently in the process to begin scheduling the above mentioned open grievances, as we will keep you posted on the progress.

Below you will find the 2 page court ruling which you may view or download if your device is unable to display these documents.

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AmeriJet Negotiations Update

Posted August 4, 2015 By Local 769

AmerijetNegotiations: On Tuesday, July 21, 2015 your negotiating committee, along with Steve Nagrotsky, the I.B.T. Airline Division Deputy Director, met today with Amerijet at Amerijet headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Please read below for an update in regards to or current status:

Amerijet has provided Teamsters Local 769 with a counter proposal, in which Amerijet labeled their counter as a “Last and Best Final”.  Based off of their counter labeled as a “Last and Best Final” that has forced Teamsters Local 769, under the direction of International Brotherhood of Teamster Airline division to proceed to the next step and that is to file for mediation with the National Mediation Board. Currently, I.B.T. is assisting the Local to process the necessary documents to begin the process.  Below are some bullet points in regards to the process and steps.

  • Union files paperwork for Mediation with National Mediation Board (NMB)
  • NMB assigns a Mediator (government agent) to oversee the mediation process
  • Mediator sets location of meetings, dates of meetings and length of negotiation sessions
  • Mediator cannot force either side to agree to anything
  • Mediator tasked with facilitating both sides to come to an agreement on open items
  • Once all items are agreed to, end result voted on by membership
  • If there are still open items, Mediator decides when there is NO more movement from the parties
  • Once Mediator decides there is no more movement, the Mediator takes our case to the National Mediation Board members for review and request for release of the parties
  • There is a mandatory 30 day “cooling off” period
  • If we get a release from the Board, we can seek self help

Your negotiating committee, along with Captain David Bourne, I.B.T. Airline Division Director and Steve Nagrotsky, I.B.T. Deputy Director have reviewed the “last and best final” in full detail.  Under our I.B.T. constitutional bylaws, the director of the division has the authority to decide whether or not the last and best final gets voted on by the membership.  Based on the substandard inadequate language, the Company has proposed we could and will not endorse nor recommend this last and best final going up for vote.  A major open section is Amerijet’s position that the CBA is not applicable outside the USA (POS and POS like operations), that itself is something that we can NOT agree to.  Below is a list of some of the open items:

  • Foreign Bases
  • Successor/Merger Protection
  • Scope
  • New Aircraft/weight
  • Scheduling
  • Publishing RDO awards to all crewmembers
  • Protection from discipline during legal job actions
  • Temporary Domicile/Base Vacancies and per diem
  • Furlough and Displacement
  • 401-K
  • P.F.E.  CBA

Your committee notified the Company today, in person, that based off of their “last and best final”, Amerijet has left us no other choice but to file and proceed to NMB mediation.  “This notification could have been submitted by regular mail however, I feel strongly that this notification should be done in person.”, said Teamsters Local 769 Business Agent David Renshaw. ” I would like to add that your committee has worked countless hours in the hopes of obtaining an agreement that we can proudly put forth in front of you and your families and we will continue until we have reached that tentative agreement.  Your committee and I want to continue to negotiate with Amerijet in order to attain these goals.”

David continues, “Amerijet has come up considerably on the wages, (driven by airline industry standards), though the wages are very important, the above mentioned open sections have just as much bearing……..if not more. I will not allow this proposed substandard industry language to be bought and driven by wages only. I truly understand you folks would like details.  Now that we are at this stage, I will be able to provide the details that you are inquiring.  Now, the following will take place, multiple up and coming conference calls, along with multiple meetings in Dade and Broward.  I look forward to the above calls and especially the face to face meetings to meet you folks and to place the rumors to rest.”

11th Circuit Court (grievance updates):

Amerijet appealed a ruling issued by a three-judge panel (two of whom were 11th Circuit judges and one a trial court judge acting as an appellate judge by appointment on this and other cases heard in Miami in January 2015).  The judges unanimously ruled in favor of the Union on the issue of arbitration and advancing deadlocked grievances to arbitration.  Amerijet filed in one pleading two separate requests – a motion for reconsideration and a motion for “rehearing” “en banc.”  A motion for reconsideration is just that – asking the same judges to reconsider their ruling and reverse it.  A motion for rehearing “en banc” seeks a new oral argument in front of all of the 11th Circuit’s appellate judges and a vote by all of those judges on the case.  Both of those motions were denied by the 11th Circuit last week.

Now the 11th Circuit will issue a “mandate” – that means the decision is final, at which point in time the case goes back to the trial court judge for entry of an order that complies with the 11th Circuit’s ruling.  This may take many months.

Amerijet may also appeal to the Supreme Court.  It does so by filing a “petition for writ of certiorari.”  The Supreme Court has discretion over whether it will hear an appeal in most cases; it has the liberty to decide it will not hear a case on appeal.  “I cannot predict whether this case holds any appeal for any of the Supreme Court justices.”, said Teamsters Local 769 Business Agent David Renshaw.

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