H.R.C. – Human Rights Commission



About the Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission was established to:
–Assist local unions in promoting diversity,
–Eliminate all forms of discrimination that divides us on the job, in society and in our union,
–Sponsor conferences that bring together groups to help celebrate their contributions to the fabric of our union,
–Encourage Teamsters participation in national events like Martin Luther King Day celebrations,
–Develop educational materials on topics such as sexual harassment, ADA and other forms of discrimination,
–Foster unity and strength among all our members.
–The Teamsters Human Rights Commission is proud of the strength that is drawn from the diversity within the union’s ranks.
–Further, we recognize the need to educate, and to learn that different physical and cultural qualities such as “race, age, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disabilities, or national origin” make individuals unique and deserving of respect.
–The Commission will actively work to involve all members, crossing the barriers of division; increasing opportunities for participation; fighting the discrimination that weakens, and uniting our great union. The Commission will build a network of communication, creating a powerful voice to advocate dignity and justice on the job, in the community, member-to-member, neighbor-to-neighbor, throughout our nations and around the world. The Commission will use its energies to strengthen our great union, preserving its foundation for future generations of Teamsters.
For more information on the HRC,
please contact your
Teamsters Local 769 HRC Representative
(305) 642 – 6255 ext. 2236

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