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2014 Bakery & Laundry Conference

Posted September 8, 2014 By Local 769

tp_bakeryThe 2014 I.B.T Bakery & Laundry conference was held in Lake Tahoe from August 25 -27 2014. On Tuesday, August 26, 2014 David Renshaw a Business Agent from Teamsters Local 769 who serves on the Human Rights Commission and is the South East rep. for iPods for wounded veterans, spoke with all of the business agents, delegates and the executive board of I.B.T Bakery & Laundry division. During that time David spoke about the events that have taken place since we had the pleasure of having ipods for Wounded Veterans speak at our Bakery & Laundry conference in 2013.10645322_264537613746304_4051805476666137638_n One of the many events was in December 2013 when Teamsters Local 769 delivered thousands of thank you letters for our dear soldier campaign along with afghan blankets that were made and donated from VFW posts and spent quality time with our wounded soldiers and their families. David then took the time explaining to the conference of what he witnessed when he visited our troops and the gratitude they all showed. A thank you letter from one of the soldiers was read into the recorder and there was not a dry eye in the audience. He reminded everyone of the utmost importance that there is for us all to continue to support our nation and our troops that come home with a need of our support. David included brochures of how to donate and noted that ipods for Wounded Veterans is a 501-C3 organization. An ipods for wounded veterans framed certificate of appreciation was then given to the Bakery and Laundry division at the conference and David exited the stage with a most gracious standing applause.

The conference offered multiple educational agenda topics that were disused, one of them being that the most important item is the need to organize within and create an organizing committee within the Bakery & Laundry division itself.10009299_264537670412965_2255968541267287459_n Since the exit of I.B.C. Hostess brand, it is extremely important to organize the growing nonunion bakeries (i.e. Flowers brand). An organizing committee has now been put in place. Business Agent David Renshaw volunteered and the Bakery & Laundry division accepted. David is now on the Bakery & Laundry organizing committee for the South. “We will utilize our current members and our active retirees to make this a growing success. Not only do we need to preserve our current work but we need to continue to grow the bakery and laundry division”. 

With more than 80,000 members the Teamsters National Bakery and Laundry Conference is the oldest conference within the Teamsters. From baked goods to breads to linen supplies, Teamsters produce and deliver the products consumers rely on. The conference was attended by Teamsters Local 769 business agents John Sherman-laundry and David Renshaw-bakery.

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