WPB Food Service Drivers send a Clear Message to Sysco

Teamsters at Sysco in West Palm Beach Florida gathered outside the food delivery giants warehouse on Wednesday February 15, 2017  to demand that the company stop dragging their feet in negotiations. The bargaining unit which consists of 84 drivers and 8 fleet maintenance employees stood solid in defiance of weak contract proposals by the company.

Workers at this locations voted in April of 2016 to join Teamsters Local 769 by a margin of over 81% and have remained unified and focussed on securing a fair first contract. Nationally the Teamsters represent more than 8,000 drivers and warehouse workers at Sysco.

Teamsters Local 769 business agent Steve Myers said, “Many of these workers have dedicated their lives to making Sysco a successful and profitable company and it is only fair that they share in the rewards of those efforts.”

“We are united in our goal to achieve a strong first contract and we stand together today, prepared to take whatever action may be required to reach those goals.”, says Tom Baldwin, a 27 year Sysco employee.