UPS to Add Thousands of New Jobs

wpid-upstruck.jpgThe following press release is from General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall who today announced that UPS will add thousands of new package jobs across the country this year in the face of strong Teamster enforcement of the new National Master UPS Agreement.

The new contract took effect April 25 and is the largest collective bargaining agreement in North America, covering about 240,000 UPS Teamsters. It contains new language that allows the union to take inadequate staffing levels to an arbitrator in centers with excessive overtime issues. The contract also tackles excessive overtime by making it easier for workers to get on the “9.5 list” limiting hours, providing access to penalty pay in the first week of a violation, prohibiting the company from piling on work at the end of a week and allowing the union to address inadequate staffing.

New contract language also puts more packages back on UPS trucks and protects Teamster work and jobs by establishing rules for the size and weight of packages shipped via SurePost, which is limited to businesses shipping residential. Under the new contract, SurePost packages are now limited to 10 pounds in weight and less than 3 cubic feet in size.

The announcement follows months of discussion between the union and the company. UPS is now moving forward with plans to add thousands of new package jobs in all areas of the country. Hiring has already started, and the new jobs will be in addition to the regular filling of jobs through attrition.

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