Woody Wilson

Vice President

Woodrow was born in Miami Beach, Florida, where he attended MiamiNorlandSenior High School. In 1979, Woody graduated from high school and in 1981; he joined the United States Air Force and is currently serving in the Air Force Reserves. Woody settled down and married his wife Virginia. Between the two, the couple has five children. In 1987, Woody began working as a casual driver for Roadway Express and in August 1988, he was hired as a fulltime employee. Shortly after becoming fulltime, Woody was elected shop steward.

In August 2003, Woody accepted the position as project organizer for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. While serving as project organizer, Woody has been very successful in organizing both public and private sectors.

In November 2004, the membership of Local Union 390, voted overwhelmingly to merge with Local Union 769. In February 2005, Steve Greenwell stepped down as recording secretary with Vice President Roly Pina filling his position. Woody was appointed Vice President by President Mike Scott and was honored to fill the position. Between fighting for his country and the rights of the working people, Woody believes that being a Teamster is being a winner.

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