Founded May 21, 1964, Teamsters Local 769 is in it’s 50th year serving working men and women in South Florida.

History1The Teamsters have over 1oo years of history. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters was born with solidarity in its soul. Two unions joined forces, The Team Drivers International and Teamsters National Union, each formed to bring power and justice to workers and give them a voice on the job.


Early Teamster members were tough, hard working, often had a sense of adventure and showed a real desire to improve their lives and the lives of their families. Most were better educated than society expected and were willing to fight for their rights, their principles and their fellow union members.
In 1937 amid strikes, protests and a growing strength among unionized workers, a new Teamsters local union was established in Miami. Local 390 was chartered as Teamsters, Chauffeurs,Warehousemen and Helpers. In 1956 the name and charter were officially changed to read; Freight Drivers, Warehousemen, Helpers, Bakery Salesmen and Dairy Employees.
In 1937 a Teamsters Union member could expect a better wage, which helped raise the standard of living in Miami. The average house cost $4100, bread was 9 cents a loaf, gas cost 10 cents per gallon, and the unemployment rate was 14.3%. Historical events of the time included the Hindenburg disaster, Disney released Snow White and Amelia Earhart took off for her ill-fated journey in June, right here from Miami.
At the 1957 IBT convention held in Miami Beach, Fla., Jimmy Hoffa was elected President and the membership stood at 1.5 million. He brought a new energy and outlook to the union that fit the changing attitudes in the post-war years. The General Executive Board began holding it’s quarterly meetings in Miami in April of 1963.
History769CharterFour additional locals were chartered in Miami during the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. Locals 172, 198, 290 and 632 all eventually merged with Teamsters Local 769 which received it’s charter in May of 1964.
History4In 1964 the average house in Miami costs $13,050, bread is 21 cents a loaf and gas is 30 cents per gallon. Also, the average annual wage is $4,576, the average new car costs $3,500 and the unemployment rate is 5.7%.

In the very same year as our local was founded, the ratification of a National Master Freight Agreement was a watershed event for the Teamsters. It covered 400,000 members employed by some 16,000 trucking companies and spawned similar bargaining in other Teamsters trades and crafts. In that year as well, President Lyndon B. Johnson escalated American involvement in the Vietnam War with the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed. The Beatles were topping the charts, Disney’s Mary Poppins was released and America had a chance to drive the first Ford Mustangs.

Through the 1960’s, Teamsters continued to fight to improve their workplaces and their communities taking active roles in education, the war on poverty, community safety, and social justice issues. Teamster members are honored as heroes and earn the name “Knights of the Highway”.

To this day, Teamsters honor those willing to give all for their beliefs and show pride and loyalty to the union and their fellow members. Members stick together to accomplish the goal of being the champion, the voice and the protector of working families. Local 769 Teamsters continue to be active and involved in the community, building on a foundation created by more than 50 years of service in Miami.



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