Election Day – Cast Your Vote for Labor

DSC01211Election day is here and it’s time for the voice of the people to be heard. As Union members, it’s your chance to make sure that the needs of working families are addressed. There is simply too much at risk as General President Hoffa said, “Hardworking Americans saw what happened when too many people didn’t show up four years ago. The mass influx of anti-worker elected officials voted into office created a system that is crushing the middle class. And that will only get worse if a new bunch of corporate cronies get added to the mix.”

We all need to do our part and vote for labor friendly candidates. Not those who will always stand for corporate interests. “If big business succeeds in getting more lawmakers to do its bidding, the only ones getting a helping hand will be them. Right now, the average U.S. family pays $6,000 a year in subsidies to corporate America. How much more assistance is really necessary when companies are raking in record profits while workers can barely support their families?”, said president Hoffa.

Annette Taddeo addresses Teamsters at our Annual South Picnic

Annette Taddeo addresses Teamsters at our Annual South Picnic

This past weekend at the Teamsters Local 769 Annual South Picnic, President and Principal Officer Mike Scott spoke about the importance of having our voice heard at the polls. Members rallied around the current get out the vote campaign, “I’m a Teamster and I Vote” and chanted in unison as labor friendly candidate Annette Taddeo, running mate for Charlie Crist, spoke about her up upbringing as the daughter of a local union president. She challenged union members to take five people with you to vote. If we turn out to the polls, we win.

Teamster brothers and sisters, the moment is upon us and we’ll have to live with these results and the damage that may be caused by them for years to come. So vote today and cast your ballot for labor.

For more information on voting locations and hours in your counties, use the following link to the supervisor of elections office in your area.

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