#Local769Votes Joins #TeamsterPower

Sandra Jackson from St. Lucie County

Sandra Jackson from St. Lucie County

The Teamsters Local 769 “Labor Challenge” continues to roll on toward election day spreading the word about the importance of voting and now our Teamster brothers and sisters across the nation have joined the movement. Brothers and sisters of Teamsters Local 769 have been showing their Teamster pride and sending in photos of themselves holding our #Local769Votes flyer and word has spread.


Other Union members follow the Teamster lead.

The movement has swept the country and now Teamsters Union members from coast to coast are using the #TeamsterPower  hashtag to link photos on social media and join the action. Even other labor unions are following the Teamsters lead and posting photos holding their own signs. It just goes to show how important all informed union members know these mid-term elections are. Pictured above is Sandra Jackson from St. Lucie County. She is this weeks featured “Labor Challenge” participant and a gallery of those who joined her this week is featured below. Join the movement! Print your#Local769Votes flyer here and send us your picture. Send it through social media by using the #Local769Votes and #TeamsterPower hashtags in your post or send it to one of our pages, send them to your business agent or email your photos directly to us using the email address pictures@tlu769.com .

Share your photos on your wall or tweet them to your friends and family. Keep the movement growing and show everyone the power the Teamsters will have in these important mid-term elections. Be a Teamster and Vote!

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