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D.R.I.V.E. is How We Fight!

You know why we fight, D.R.I.V.E. is how we fight. One of the biggest challenges faced by the modern working man or woman is political representation. All too often today, their elected officials are swayed by the financial power of corporations and their lobbyists and many elected representatives do a poor job standing up for […]

#Local769Votes Joins #TeamsterPower

The Teamsters Local 769 “Labor Challenge” continues to roll on toward election day spreading the word about the importance of voting and now our Teamster brothers and sisters across the nation have joined the movement. Brothers and sisters of Teamsters Local 769 have been showing their Teamster pride and sending in photos of themselves holding […]

I’m a Teamster and I VOTE!

It’s ALL about turnout so inspire your brothers and sisters to get out the vote. Experts agree, the candidates that will win this fall will be those who motivate their supporters to get to the polls. Across the country, the labor movement is gearing up to be sure that our candidates are those winners. Here […]

An Evening for the Ages

Unions have been hard at work in South Florida for a long time. Many locals had been chartered over the years and while some have faded into history or merged with one another, one local stands strong here in Miami. Fifty years strong and tonight was the night to celebrate that accomplishment. The date was […]

Delegates from Local 769 attend IBT Leadership Academy

On December 3rd and 4th, 2013,  delegates of Teamsters Local 769 attended a Teamster Leadership Academy titled “The Social Art of Educating Members” in Montebello, CA. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters Training and Development Department created the program and it was hosted by Teamsters Local 986. The focus of the event was on communicating with […]

Welcome to Our NEW Website!

Welcome to the new face of Teamsters Local 769 online. We have made many changes and have many more to come. You will notice links to Local 769’s new social media pages. We are now on Facebook, twitter, google plus, tumblr and we have our own YouTube channel. More improvements such as this website being […]