Teamsters know the importance of making sure their children grow up receiving a good education. Teamsters Local 769 is always looking for ways to help its members and if you have children entering college or yours are too young, it’s not too soon to help.

The following information has been mailed to all Teamsters Local 769 stewards or it may be printed directly from our website. Included is an application for 2017 graduating seniors to apply for a scholarship from the Teamsters Local Union No. 769 Scholarship Fund and an application for all members to come out to our annual golf tournament on October 7th, 2017, to raise money for the very same fund.

We hope you’ll join us in supporting a bright future for Teamster children and support the TLU769 Scholarship Fund. Please spread the word about the Scholarship Fund to all of your coworkers with children entering college and others who may want to share their support for a program that strengthens our future. It’s just another way that Teamsters Local 769 members stand up for our brothers and sisters and their families.



Teamsters Walk Across England

Posted June 5, 2017 By Local 769

Last years walk across Scotland was just the beginning of David Bournes adventures for IPods for Wounded Veterans. This year along with Jim Kimball by his side he will venture across England, gaining support and donations to help our wounded servicemen and women and the efforts of iPods for Wounded Veterans.
Please donate and share the adventure at


Teamsters Business Agent Supports Our Troops

Posted May 29, 2017 By Local 769

On Friday, April 28 and Saturday, April 29, 2017, iPods for Wounded Veterans along with Teamsters Local 769 Business Agent David Renshaw had the pleasure of visiting with our Veterans at the Walter Reed Military Medical Center, the Fort Belvoir Hospital and the Richmond V.A.

iPods for Wounded Veterans secures sponsorship to collect iPods, iPads, eReaders, Nooks, Bose headphones and other materials for our wounded veterans. Their class A security clearance allows them to personally hand deliver these gifts to the military and wounded veterans as well as to interact with the soldiers and their families one-on-one.

Through iPods for Wounded Veterans, there is also a program called ‘Dear Soldier’ in which kindergarten through 12th graders from different schools write letters to the wounded soldiers. These letters consist of children thanking soldiers for their service and included thank you “rulers” that the students made. In regards to the Dear Solider program, brother Renshaw was asked to be involved in delivering these letters. “It was an honor to accept this invitation to personally deliver the letters that we collected from Broward, Dade and the City of Key West.”, said David. “We collected and delivered over 1,600 thank you letters, recycled crayon hearts and thank you banners.”

Between Friday, April 28 and Saturday, April 29, 2017 they delivered over 4,000 thank you letters from all ages of children across the United States, 1,800 assorted magazines and over 400 electronic items. During these two days, they had the pleasure of spending quality time with the soldiers and their families. The average age of the soldiers range from 21-25 with many different types of injuries, including multiple amputations and PTSD. “As we were there thanking them for their service and sacrifice, they took pause and thanked US for taking the time to remember them and their families.”, continued David. “The expression on a soldier’s face when they receive and read the letters from the children is something that I will never forget.” The letters are received with the utmost gratitude and these letters give the soldiers such joy from children they don’t even know. They truly appreciate the efforts of the children and the kindness in each of their hearts.

Unfortunately, as the battle continues overseas, there will be a continuous need for an organization of this nature, now and into the future. This will be an ongoing project for all of us. We must continue to support our veterans as well as assist others in spreading the word to help keep this fantastic program going so that we can give back to our veterans. They have so selflessly given so much of themselves for us. They are the very reason we enjoy the freedoms we have today.

Join us in thanking iPods for Wounded Veterans and brother David Renshaw and stay tuned as Teamsters Local 769 will have another Dear Soldier campaign in November and December 2017. If you would like additional information on this or other Human Rights Commission Events, contact Business Agent David Renshaw at

To donate to iPods for Wounded Veterans click here

On this Memorial Day Weekend, remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this great nation and the freedoms we hold dear.

Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend and we would like to wish all our Veterans a Happy Memorial Day on behalf of Teamsters Local 769 .


2017 Steward Seminar

Posted May 23, 2017 By Local 769

On Saturday May 20, 2017 in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Teamsters Local 769 conducted our 2017 Steward Seminar. Stewards came from all over South Florida to gather at the DoubleTree Hilton for in-depth training and instruction on subjects ranging from grievance procedure to legislative issues.

Robert Asencio – Florida State Rep. Dist.118

The day began with President and Principal Officer Mike Scott welcoming all of the stewards who “are on the front lines of contract enforcement.” Mike then welcomed Sean O’Brien, IBT Eastern Region Vice President , who spoke to the stewards about the challenges that face our Union and the coming negotiations at UPS.

Following Vice President O’Brien were presentations by Bill Einhorn of the Arbor Group, Iliana Flores of the Teamster Training and Development Department, Brian Tierney, an IBT Communication Project Manager and Florida State Representative Robert Asencio from District 118 . After lunch, stewards broke up into industry specific workshops where they received instruction pertinent to their job sites, contracts or level of experience.

“All of the guest speakers and instructors brought useful information our stewards can take back to their workplaces and we thank them.” said Josh Zivalich, Secretary Treasurer of Teamsters Local 769. “Thanks as well to all of the stewards who took time out of their weekend to better represent our brothers and sisters.” Josh went on to say. “Our Union is strong because of their continued efforts to help their fellow Teamsters.”

Teamsters Local 769 would like to thank all of the guest speakers and instructors who helped make this event a tremendous success and a big thank you to all of our stewards who took the time to participate in this event.

Sean O’Brien – IBT Eastern Region Vice President


West Palm Beach Sysco Drivers Ratify First Contract

Posted April 18, 2017 By Local 769

On April 15, 2016 Sysco Drivers in West Palm Beach Florida voted for Teamster representation and now exactly one year to the day later they voted to ratify their first contract. They embarked on this journey seeking fair treatment and respect in the workplace and today they have that in the form of a new three-year agreement.

Highlights of the agreement include strong seniority and bidding language, job security, a strong grievance procedure and $2.90 in pay increases over the length of the agreement.

Teamsters Local 769 Business Agent Steve Myers said, “These Sysco Teamsters showed great strength and solidarity over lengthy and hard fought negotiations. Today they have achieved what they set out to, a strong Teamster contract and I would like to thank all of the members of the negotiating committee who helped make this possible.”

“This is about respect,” said Tom Baldwin, a Sysco driver for 27 years. “We all worked hard for this victory. Forming our union with the Teamsters and now our first contract was why we started this.”

The West Palm Beach Sysco facility covers an area from North Miami to Orlando and the bargaining unit is made up of 85 drivers. Mechanics in the West Palm Beach facility also voted to join the Teamsters and progress continues to be made in the effort of getting them their first contract as well.

Congratulations to our Sysco Teamsters. You serve as examples of why America works best when you say UNION YES!


Don’t Tax Our Benefits

Posted March 21, 2017 By Local 769


New Teamsters Local 769 Trustee Confirmed

Posted March 16, 2017 By Local 769

Congratulations to brother Bob Grecol who was recommended by President and Principal Officer Mike Scott to succeed recently retired trustee Alan Dennis and confirmed unanimously today by the Local 769 Executive Board. Brother Grecol is a UPS driver from the West Palm Beach building where he has been a dedicated shop steward working in the Jupiter center of operations for 17 years.

President Mike Scott said, “Bob is a strong addition to our executive board and will represent the brothers and sisters of Teamsters Local 769 with great pride and dedication.”

“I want to welcome Bob personally to our executive board where he will continue the strong representation of our members in his new role.”, said Teamsters Local 769 Secretary Treasurer Josh Zivalich.

Congratulations brother Grecol and thanks for your continued dedication to the brothers and sisters of Teamsters Local 769.


WPB Food Service Drivers send a Clear Message to Sysco

Posted February 16, 2017 By Local 769

Teamsters at Sysco in West Palm Beach Florida gathered outside the food delivery giants warehouse on Wednesday February 15, 2017  to demand that the company stop dragging their feet in negotiations. The bargaining unit which consists of 84 drivers and 8 fleet maintenance employees stood solid in defiance of weak contract proposals by the company.

Workers at this locations voted in April of 2016 to join Teamsters Local 769 by a margin of over 81% and have remained unified and focussed on securing a fair first contract. Nationally the Teamsters represent more than 8,000 drivers and warehouse workers at Sysco.

Teamsters Local 769 business agent Steve Myers said, “Many of these workers have dedicated their lives to making Sysco a successful and profitable company and it is only fair that they share in the rewards of those efforts.”

“We are united in our goal to achieve a strong first contract and we stand together today, prepared to take whatever action may be required to reach those goals.”, says Tom Baldwin, a 27 year Sysco employee.


Film Industry Legislative Update

Posted January 6, 2017 By Local 769

The following update was shared by Film Florida, a state-wide not-for–profit entertainment production association that represents Florida’s film, TV & digital media industry.  Teamsters Local 769 supports Film Florida’s efforts to bring more film opportunities and good jobs for working families in our state.

We hope each of you had a wonderful holiday season and a great start to 2017. While January 9th serves as the unofficial start of the “legislative season” in Florida, we have been working on legislative efforts for the last six months and wanted to take this opportunity to give you an update on where things stand heading into the 2017 legislative session.

As you are aware, the Florida Entertainment Incentive Program sunset on June 30, 2016. For the first time in over a decade, there is no longer a statewide program to entice film, television and digital media projects and companies to do business in Florida. Despite the efforts of many both within Film Florida and outside our organization over the last 3+ years, neither additional funding for the recently expired program or a new program has been enacted in Tallahassee. Unfortunately, the end result has been the same but the process and approach each of those years has been very different.

With a record number of new legislators coming into office in November, Film Florida set out months before the elections to introduce our organization and our industry to all of those potential legislators. Nearly half of the 132 new candidates engaged with us and offered their thoughts on our industry. We have since been in touch with each legislator that has been elected to the Florida House and Florida Senate and have begun the extremely important process of educating the newly elected officials about the importance and impact of the industry here in Florida.

We have spent a great deal of time examining the recently sunset program and looking at programs from other states (most notably states that also do not have state income tax). Since the elections, we have been working daily with our legislative supporters and our government relations team, looking at realistic possible options based on Tallahassee’s current leadership. The state legislature is faced with “grim budget news” for the upcoming legislative session despite recent reports that Florida’s economy is growing. Costs for healthcare and education are increasing faster than state tax revenues are increasing, leaving a budget shortfall in the coming years if cuts in spending are not made. In addition, the new Speaker of the Florida House, Richard Corcoran, has made no secret of his disdain for business incentives. He has spoken publicly about incentives for our industry, calling them a “horrible, horrible use of taxpayers dollars.” Additionally, Speaker Corcoran has publicly expressed concerns about Enterprise Florida, the official economic development organization for the state of Florida, and VISIT FLORIDA, the state’s official tourism marketing corporation.

While we do not have support of the legislative leadership in the Florida House, there is overall strong support for our industry and we are engaged with those supporters. It’s important to note that Film Florida is not the only group working with legislators on behalf of our industry. Part of our task is coordinating with groups that may be proposing bill language to ensure our industry does not send mixed signals that could confuse legislators. Film Florida is in the process of working with legislative champions to submit a proposal that could lead to a bill. This dialogue is focused on the likelihood of a successful outcome. We believe wholeheartedly that our industry is not just important to the state of Florida, but can be part of the solution to the state’s potential budget challenges over the next couple years. We fully intend to show legislators how we can infuse much needed tax revenues into the state while putting Floridians to work, increasing economic development, enhancing tourism and helping diversify Florida’s economy.

Our government relations team, along with our legislative supporters, have suggested that we coordinate meetings with legislators that have leadership roles in important committees. While having 150+ industry professionals walking the halls in Tallahassee did get people’s attention, we need to look at the most effective use of people’s time, money and energy. As a reminder, what started in November and will continue through January, each county holds their legislative delegation meetings. During these meetings, members of the public can sign-up to speak for 3 minutes in front of their elected officials. Representatives of Film Florida and local Film Commissioners have already spoken at a number of these delegation meetings and will continue doing so throughout the state. This is another opportunity for legislators, especially newly elected members, to hear real stories from real people in the industry.

Many people have asked how they can help. Instead of asking people to make their way to Tallahassee for a day, we ask that you speak at your upcoming legislative delegation meeting. We would also ask that you schedule face-to-face meetings with your local legislators. Right now, the more legislators who are familiar with real people in their districts and the individual stories each of you have, the more impactful we will be in our efforts. We tell the stories every day, but hearing them from you will be more impactful. If we are fortunate enough to get a bill moving in the Florida House and Florida Senate, we will need help with targeted e-mails and phone calls asking committee members to vote in favor. We will be sure to let you know if or when those opportunities arise.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have questions need guidance in attending your local delegation meeting or scheduling meetings with your local legislators. Many of you continue to send supportive messages via e-mail, phone and social media and we appreciate every one of them. Know that we are doing everything in our power to see positive results. The legislative session runs from March 7 – May 5, 2017. We promise to give as many meaningful updates as possible throughout the next 4+ months. But we cannot stress enough that our social media channels, especially Facebook and Twitter, are the most immediate form of communication you will find, whether it’s news stories, calls to action or general information. If you’re not currently connected with us there, please make sure to do so. We will provide more updates as they become available.


New Year Holiday Office Hours

Posted December 29, 2016 By Local 769