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Posted December 22, 2016 By Local 769


amerijet1Wages Increases Highlight Four-Year Contract

By an overwhelming margin, Teamster pilots and professional flight engineers at Amerijet ratified a new contract with the airline. There are 85 members in the bargaining unit represented by Local 769 in North Miami, Fla.

The four-year agreement includes an initial increase in base wages for Captains and First Officers of more than 55 to 75 percent, with additional yearly wage increases. Seniority and sick leave improvements will take effect with the contract.

“This is a proud moment for these pilots,” said Capt. David Bourne, Director of the Teamsters Airline Division. “They’ve fought through lots of obstacles to achieve an agreement and will now have substantial improvements to their wages and working conditions. On behalf of Teamsters across the globe, we would like to congratulate them on signing off on a Teamster contract.”

“This is another big victory for our local union, the Teamsters Airline Division and the International,” said David Renshaw, a business agent at Local 769 and lead negotiator for the Amerijet negotiations. “But the biggest winners in this whole process are the pilots. Their wages are going way up and they have clarification on work rules as the result of this new contract. Special thanks to all of our pilots and professional flight engineers who volunteered their time to serve on the negotiating committee.”

The contract goes into effect on Dec. 19, 2016 and will expire on Dec. 18, 2020.


unitedSix-Year Contract Puts Teamsters at the Top of the Industry

Mechanics at United Airlines stations across the nation ratified a six-year National Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement with the company today after more than three years of negotiations.
More than 9,000 mechanics in the bargaining unit will see their compensation move to the top of the industry, marked improvements in leave and a unique industry reset, which will put the mechanics’ package 2 percent above the highest compensation in the industry every two years. Teamster members will also receive a signing bonus worth tens of thousands of dollars.
“This is a landmark day for the Teamsters,” said Jim Hoffa, Teamsters General President. “From the very beginning of the aviation industry, the Teamsters have been raising standards for workers. As a union, we’ve taken another step up today.”
“This contract represents the largest contract for a mechanics group in airline industry history,” said Capt. David Bourne, Director of the Teamsters Airline Division. “It is a package worth a collective $1.7 billion dollars in improvements in compensation and benefits over the current agreement. I’ve always said proudly that Teamster contracts are the strongest in the industry and this contract is one of our strongest ever. I’d like to acknowledge the incredible work of International Representative Clacy Griswold on this agreement and for decades of service to Airline Division Teamsters. It is fitting that his storied career would culminate with the largest contract ever for airline mechanics. I’d also like to thank International Representatives Bob Fisher and Capt. Paul Alves and the entire negotiating committee.”
“This contract was possible because of the solidarity we demonstrated shift-to-shift and station-to-station,” said Joseph Prisco, a 27-year mechanic at United Airlines and a member of the United Airlines negotiating committee.
“As mechanics, we’re taught to work as a team to accomplish the important goal of aircraft safety. Using that same team concept, we stuck together with professionalism, solidarity and purpose to get an industry-leading contract.”


2016 Holiday Picnic Recap

Posted December 4, 2016 By Local 769

15326586_857252394411568_7305813005769491359_nThe Teamsters Local 769 Annual Holiday Picnic was this past weekend and the event was amazing as usual. The Indrio Road Schoolhouse Park in Fort Pierce again served as the location and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.


Santa Claus made his routine stop at our picnic where other activities included face painting, pony rides and bounce houses so every child had a good time. There were plenty of happy adults as well. Brothers and sisters from Local 769 came from near and far to share good food and good cheer. Many brought food donations for the Treasure Coast Food Bank who were on hand.

We hope everyone had a great time and judging by the smiling faces, we are confident they did. Happy Holidays to all of our brothers and sisters. The strength and solidarity of our members is what makes Teamsters Local 769 great!

For those of you who took pictures with Santa Claus, click HERE to view and print your photos.

(be patient while the photos load, each picture is a rather large file so they are as clear as possible)

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Teamsters Local 769 Annual Toy Drive

Posted November 21, 2016 By Local 769

ToyDriveOnce again this holiday season, Teamsters Local 769 will be collecting toys for children in need. We will be distributing those collected through programs in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach and Monroe Counties. The following flyer can be posted on Local 769 approved job site bulletin boards and distributed to all members. With toys being split to multiple areas, please encourage all of your brothers and sisters to give toys for the less fortunate. Help us make this year’s Toy Drive the biggest ever. All toys should be dropped off at the Miami hall between now and the deadline or they can be brought to the December 15th General Membership Meeting. The deadline for drop off is December 15th, 2016.

Let’s really do it for the kids this year and show how Teamsters help to raise the bar, making things better in their communities as well as their jobs.

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UAL Tentative Agreement Voting Instructions

Posted November 16, 2016 By Local 769
The following information applies to All UAL Technicians
Everyone should be aware the voting information for the TA has been mailed, by “BallotPoint”, Monday, November 14, 2016. The following memos will help explain the general voting information, when and how to request a “Duplicate Package”, when the voting will end, etc. 
We encourage all s-CAL, s-UAL & s-MIC members affected by this contract vote, take the time to make themselves familiar with the TA details and the voting process so you get to exercise your right to vote!! 
You must have all the correct facts in order to make an informed decision, do not hesitate to contact your Business Representative with any questions you may have before casting your final vote! 
Thank You,
 Tommy Esposito
Business Representative
Teamsters Local 769


Election Day – Time to Vote Like a Teamster

Posted November 8, 2016 By Local 769

Election day is here and it’s time for the voice of working families to be heard. It’s time to Vote Like a Teamster! As Union members, this is your chance to make sure that the needs of working families are represented in government. There is simply too much at risk as General President Hoffa said, “A Better Way Forward Requires Showing Up to Vote. The issues before us are just too important not to weigh in on. ”

10628430_511881028948708_1464329370796780634_nWe all need to do our part and vote for labor friendly candidates. Not those who will always stand for corporate interests. “For too long, elected officials in Washington have sat back and done nothing while wages remain flat and roads and bridges continue to crumble. Meanwhile, the pensions of Teamsters and other workers are holding on by a thread and require government intervention., said president Hoffa.

This past weekend at the Teamsters Local 769 Annual South Picnic, President and Principal Officer Mike Scott spoke about the importance of having our voices heard at the polls. Members rallied around our current get out the vote campaign, “Vote Like a Teamster” and cheered as District 23 Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz called Teamsters to action stating “We have to vote like Union lives depend on it, because my friends they do.”

Teamster brothers and sisters, the moment is upon us. We will have to live with the results of this election for years to come and we cannot let all that we have gained be cast aside so quickly. If you haven’t already voted, please vote today and cast your ballot for labor. Vote Like a Teamster.

For more information on voting locations and hours in your counties, use the following link to the supervisor of elections office in your area. If you would like to know which candidates are recommended by Teamsters Local 769, click here.



Palm Beach



St. Lucie

Indian River






Early Voting Begins Today in Florida

Posted October 24, 2016 By Local 769

EarlyVoteTeamsters Local 769 would like to remind you that Early Voting is underway in Florida and how important it is to get out and Vote Like a Teamster. This election it is critical to support the men and women running for office that understand the issues of today’s union members and their families.

Below is a list of voting information links for each county.



Palm Beach



St. Lucie

Indian River





If you would like to know which candidates are recommended by Teamsters Local 769, click here.


Vote Like a Teamster Campaign Off to a Great Start

Posted October 20, 2016 By Local 769

Robert Brown of Gold Coast Linen is the WINNER during week one of the Vote Like a Teamster Challenge

A BIG Thank You goes out to all who participated in the Vote Like a Teamster Challenge and we have a winner for week number one. We received many photo submissions and Robert Brown of Gold Coast Linen in West Palm Beach Florida is the Teamsters Local 769 member who was randomly chosen from the first weeks entries to be featured above and to receive a FREE Teamsters Local 769 T-shirt.

signal-2016-10-14-133021There are many issues facing working families these days and all of them will be affected by the 2016 elections, both at the top of the ticket and all the way down the ballot. Each election we are faced with important choices and voters like the Teamsters pictured on this page, along with other labor unions across the nation, will be standing up for candidates that fight work workers rights and a strong middle class. The right to collectively bargain remains the only clear pathway to the middle class and it is under constant threat from corporate sponsored legislation and anti-union candidates.

img_20161014_112521This election season we ask our members as well as friends and family to stand up for candidates who are proud to stand with labor and to “Vote like a Teamster”. In past years we declared that we were Teamsters and we vote but voting itself is just not enough. We need to focus specifically on candidates that support collective bargaining and stand for union values and that is why this election season we are asking you to “Vote like a Teamster”.

The Airline Division is very involved in Capitol Hill, including raising the standards in the aviation industry which includes above and below the wing. This is of the utmost importance to everyone in the aviation industry and the public’s safety. That is why I Vote Like A Teamster.” says Teamsters Local 769 Business Agent David Renshaw.

You too can participate in the Teamster Challenge: Teamsters Local 769 is again challenging voters to show their Teamster spirit and participate in our “Vote like a Teamster” CHALLENGE! Print the flier below as a full page and take a selfie (picture of yourself) dressed for work or at work holding it (ON YOUR BREAK TIME-of course). Post it on your social media page with a brief comment of  why you support labor endorsed candidates. Use hashtag #UnionStrong in the post so we can see. Each week until election day, 1 random Teamsters Local 769 member who participates in the challenge will be chosen to receive a Teamsters Local 769 t-shirt and a featured worker profile on our website.

As always we also encourage all Teamster members to participate in the Teamsters D.R.I.V.E. program which supports candidates from all parties who fight for labor.  You can learn more about the Teamsters D.R.I.V.E. program here and always vote for those who have the backs of working men and women.

We have a tough battle ahead this fall, but Teamsters are always ready for a fight. Stand up, stand together and VOTE LIKE A TEAMSTER!

 img_20161018_111941  img_20161018_122933  signal-2016-10-18-112112
 img_20161018_114555  14642484_829775403825934_2936167938731332449_n  img_20161018_112154
 img_20161019_091032  signal-2016-10-17-135135


If you cannot view or print the image below, click here.


AmerijetInto the early hours of Friday morning, after nearly four years of bargaining and arbitration, the Airline Division of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Teamsters Local 769 and the AmeriJet negotiating committee announced that an Agreement in Principle had been reached by all parties for a new collective bargaining agreement.

According to David Renshaw, Local 769 Business Agent for the Miami based carrier; significant gains over the previous collective bargaining agreement have been achieved.

“We anticipate having the final language and agreement ready in the near future for the membership to review and vote upon,” said Renshaw. “After years of arbitrations, lawsuits and the Company doing everything it could to refuse to honor the existing CBA, we are moving forward under the direction of the new ownership. With the willingness of their management team, we anticipate a better and more productive relationship to take place where labor is concerned.

A tremendous amount of credit belongs to Airline Division Director David Bourne, Assistant Division Director Steven Nagrotsky and Lead Attorney Nick Manicone, as we would not have been able to proceed to obtain this agreement without their outstanding leadership, unyielding efforts, guidance and their steadfast commitment to all Teamsters in the airline industry.

Furthermore, I would also like to thank the I.B.T Economics Department and the due diligence of our collective bargaining committee, as their tireless efforts are validated through a successful agreement having been reached by all parties,” he concluded.