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Join Us For Informational Picketing in FLL

ABX, Atlas, Kalitta and Southern Air Crew Members,

After more than five years of negotiations, Kalitta pilots are fed up.  They are demanding a good contract or they’re ready to strike.  The Kalitta pilots have lost confidence in their management team and are planning informational picketing in FLL in conjunction with scheduled negotiations.

The Executive Councils of ABX, Atlas and Southern Air crew members have all pledged to support the Kalitta pilots by participating in informational picketing and for the purpose of informing the public that the pilots of DHL subcontractors oppose any attempt to whipsaw us against one another.  While we all fly for our respective companies that compete against one another for work from DHL and other customers, we are united in our opposition to participating in a race to the bottom when it comes to fair pay, benefits and working conditions.

Can you Join Us in FLL on Tuesday, July 26?

If any ABX, Atlas, Kalitta and Southern pilots are in FLL on July 26th, or you can travel there, we ask that you join the informational picket in a full show of support for our Kalitta pilots and in opposition to a race to the bottom where pilots are the losers.   Local 1224 is in the process of finalizing the logistics of picketing in FLL.  In the meantime, we ask those of you who are able to support us in FLL on Tuesday, July 26, to click the following link and let us know.

CLICK HERE TO CONFIRM – YES – I can participate in the informational picket in FLL on July 26.  It is important that you let us know if you think you will be able to support this picket so we can begin preparation for hotels and transportation.

Kalitta Negotiations Update

As you may know, the Teamsters recently filed with the National Mediation Board requesting a proffer of arbitration for the Kalitta pilots.  Requesting a proffer is the first step in being released from mediated negotiations, paving the way toward the very real possibility of a legal strike.  The mediator assigned to negotiations between the union and Kalitta has scheduled a mediation session in FLL July 26-28.  The union’s request for a proffer of arbitration is still pending before the National Mediation Board.

Please join us in FLL on July 26.  Watch your email for additional details in the coming week.


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Atlas Executive Council

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Southern Air Executive Council

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