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American Airlines CEO Tom Horton drove the company into bankruptcy and raked its workers over the coals with deep cuts and lost jobs. Now the airline has the audacity to reward Horton with an outrageous $20 million severance package. That money is coming out of the pockets of the workers who’ve borne the brunt of American’s problems. The airline’s mechanics are furious.

Please click here to SIGN THE PETITION opposing Horton’s $20 million severance package!

Started by an airline mechanic at JFK who is organizing with the Teamsters, the petition points out that “The employees of AMR, American Airlines’ parent company, are at or near the bottom of the industry in terms of wages and benefits. It would be unfair and vulgar to award Tom Horton a $20 million severance after the many concessions he forced upon workers in bankruptcy.”

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane has approved the “disclosure statement” that includes a $20 million severance package. However, bankruptcy law prohibits severance payments greater than ten times the amount awarded to non-management employees. U.S. Trustee Tracy Hope Davis is taking a stand and pushing back against Horton’s severance. But the TWU has remained quiet.

The Teamsters Union is helping the mechanics get the word out about this petition so the mechanics can show the overwhelming opposition to rewarding CEO failure and corporate greed.

Sign the petition today and pass it along to coworkers, family, friends and neighbors!