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West Palm Beach Sysco Drivers Ratify First Contract

Posted April 18, 2017 By Local 769

On April 15, 2016 Sysco Drivers in West Palm Beach Florida voted for Teamster representation and now exactly one year to the day later they voted to ratify their first contract. They embarked on this journey seeking fair treatment and respect in the workplace and today they have that in the form of a new three-year agreement.

Highlights of the agreement include strong seniority and bidding language, job security, a strong grievance procedure and $2.90 in pay increases over the length of the agreement.

Teamsters Local 769 Business Agent Steve Myers said, “These Sysco Teamsters showed great strength and solidarity over lengthy and hard fought negotiations. Today they have achieved what they set out to, a strong Teamster contract and I would like to thank all of the members of the negotiating committee who helped make this possible.”

“This is about respect,” said Tom Baldwin, a Sysco driver for 27 years. “We all worked hard for this victory. Forming our union with the Teamsters and now our first contract was why we started this.”

The West Palm Beach Sysco facility covers an area from North Miami to Orlando and the bargaining unit is made up of 85 drivers. Mechanics in the West Palm Beach facility also voted to join the Teamsters and progress continues to be made in the effort of getting them their first contract as well.

Congratulations to our Sysco Teamsters. You serve as examples of why America works best when you say UNION YES!

WPB Food Service Drivers send a Clear Message to Sysco

Posted February 16, 2017 By Local 769

Teamsters at Sysco in West Palm Beach Florida gathered outside the food delivery giants warehouse on Wednesday February 15, 2017  to demand that the company stop dragging their feet in negotiations. The bargaining unit which consists of 84 drivers and 8 fleet maintenance employees stood solid in defiance of weak contract proposals by the company.

Workers at this locations voted in April of 2016 to join Teamsters Local 769 by a margin of over 81% and have remained unified and focussed on securing a fair first contract. Nationally the Teamsters represent more than 8,000 drivers and warehouse workers at Sysco.

Teamsters Local 769 business agent Steve Myers said, “Many of these workers have dedicated their lives to making Sysco a successful and profitable company and it is only fair that they share in the rewards of those efforts.”

“We are united in our goal to achieve a strong first contract and we stand together today, prepared to take whatever action may be required to reach those goals.”, says Tom Baldwin, a 27 year Sysco employee.

FreshPoint Drivers Say Yes to Teamster Representation

Posted August 26, 2016 By Local 769


signal-2016-08-27-155309The voting began Thursday night at 11pm and on Friday morning August 26th, when the votes were counted, Teamsters Local 769 had 101 new brothers and sisters.

FreshPoint is North America’s largest exclusively owned produce distributor and a division of Sysco Corporation. They boast about their commitment to their customers but as with many produce and grocery delivery companies, their commitment to their employees is lacking to say the least.

The NEW Teamsters work at the Pompano Beach Florida facility as well as other satellite yards located around South Florida. They won their election by a margin of 63% against a hard fought anti-union campaign by Syscos usual gaggle of union busters. This is the third organizing victory by Teamsters Local 769 at a Sysco owned warehouse in South Florida during the past four months and there are 101 workers in the bargaining unit.

“Once again, workers stood up to Sysco’s anti-worker, anti-union tactics and stood strong and united in their fight for positive change,” said Mike Scott, President of Local 769 in Miami. “The drivers at FreshPoint work hard providing fresh produce to their communities and they deserve to receive fair wages and benefits and to be treated with respect.”

“It’s a relief to finally have a voice on the job for myself and my co-workers,” said Dondi McCrea, a driver and three-year employee. “It feels great to be a Teamster—it’s a blessing.”

“We have been mistreated for too long, but now we will fight for respect on the job as Teamsters,” said 10-year employee Eddy Deronvil, another driver, one of many employees of Haitian descent. “This is a great day.”

In addition to being treated with dignity and respect, the workers are seeking fair wages, improved benefits and better working conditions in the Florida heat.

Congratulations to our newest Teamsters and welcome to Local 769.



Fleet Mechanics at Sysco in West Palm Beach Win BIG!

Posted August 19, 2016 By Local 769

14054299_794461017357373_1534663096683828735_oOn Thursday August 18, 2016 Fleet Mechanics at the West Palm Beach Florida Sysco Foods facility voted unanimously for Teamster representation. Their victory came less than 6 months after drivers at the same facility had voted to join Teamsters Local 769.

In recent years, Sysco has been mistreating its workers nationwide. While increasing its profits off the backs of its hardworking employees the company spends countless thousands on union busters to keep their workers from getting what they deserve.

Fleet mechanic Joe Pennica said, “It’s a great feeling to be a Teamster.” We couldn’t agree more Joe. Congratulations and welcome our new brothers from Sysco in West Palm Beach.


Drivers at Sysco SEF Vote for Teamster Representation

Posted April 15, 2016 By Local 769


IMG_20160415_161412 - EditedIn a major victory, Sysco workers in West Palm Beach voted to join Teamsters Local 769 in Miami. With 84 drivers in the bargaining unit, the vote for Teamster representation was 66 to 15, an 81.5-percent margin of victory.

“Today, the drivers at Sysco in West Palm Beach stood strong and united and took a bold step by forming their union with the Teamsters,” said Mike Scott, Local 769 President. “The company waged its typical anti-union campaign, but the workers persevered and remained focused. We look forward to working with the drivers to help negotiate a contract that will improve their work lives.”

“The company has cut our wages and treated us unfairly for years,” said Cary Vanasdale, a driver for 28 years at Sysco. “As this vote shows, we are demanding change. There are lots of hugs and a lot of high fives going on right now. It feels great to be a Teamster.”

“This is about respect—the company has made us work more and paid us less,” said Tom Baldwin, a driver for 26 years. “We all worked hard for this victory. Forming our union with the Teamsters was the chance of a lifetime.”

“In recent years, Sysco has been mistreating its workers nationwide and I am so happy to see that the West Palm Beach workers stood up to this,” said Steve Vairma, Teamsters International Vice President and Director of the Teamsters Warehouse Division. “The company spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on union busters, while increasing its profits off the backs of its hardworking employees.”