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Relief for Puerto Rico

Posted November 2, 2017 By Local 769

Teamsters Local 769 has again partnered with the Teamsters Hispanic Caucus and the residents of Pembroke Pines to provide aid and support to those affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. This is the second such event we have helped to put together after a successful first effort.

See the information sheet below for details on the items being requested and how you can help or click here to download or print the flyer.

70,000 Pounds More Relief on its Way to Puerto Rico

Posted October 18, 2017 By Local 769

Over the weekend, Teamsters Local 769 and Teamsters Hispanic Caucus Florida Chapter, along with local Union members and residents of Pembroke Pines, worked together to collect hurricane relief supplies for Teamsters Local Union No. 901 and the community in Puerto Rico. A “Great Big Thank You” to all who donated, helped to sort items, labeled items and helped to load the donated items into the shipping container. 


This event in Pembroke Pines was held on Saturday, October 14th and Sunday, October 15th at Flamingo Park on the corner of Sheridan and Flamingo.  During this two day event, a multitude of folks stopped by to drop off their donations.  Some folks stayed to volunteer and some stayed to chat with Commissioner Jay Schwartz who was in attendance along with his wife. They not only donated items for relief but also volunteered both days to help sort and load donations that were being delivered. 

On behalf of all of the organizers of this event, we would like to thank everyone who donated and volunteered as well as the following groups for their efforts above and beyond; Ultimate Software, Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School and Renaissance Charter School at Pines for their donations. This event would not have been possible without the partnership with Crowley Liner & Logistics.  Again, a big thank you to all. 

The donations of 70,000 pounds collected over the weekend is in transit for final destination to Puerto Rico.

If anyone has any questions regarding future donations, please contact Business Agent and Human Rights Commission Representative David Renshaw at (305) 642 6255 ext 2236.

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Hurricane Relief for Puerto Rico

Posted October 7, 2017 By Local 769

Teamsters Local 769 has partnered with the Teamsters Hispanic Caucus and the residents of Pembroke Pines to provide aid and support to those affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

See the information sheet below for details on the items being requested and how you can help or click here to download or print the flyer.

Join the Teamster Volunteer Mission to Puerto Rico

Posted October 3, 2017 By Local 769

Teamsters are mobilizing to help those in need in Puerto Rico. If you would like to travel to Puerto Rico with the Teamsters to volunteer, please fill out the form below. There is not space on the plane for everyone who applies, so please provide as much information as you can so we can determine if you are right for this effort.

Hurricane Irma Relief from Teamsters Local 25

Posted September 22, 2017 By Local 769

On Wednesday, September 20, 2017, a tractor-trailer from Teamsters Local 25 arrived at Crowley in Port Everglades-Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Manfi Leasing Drivers Jimmy Williams and John Curtin made the trek down to Florida on behalf of Local 25. The trailer was full of generous donations for Hurricane Irma relief.

Due to the logistics in delivering the donations to the Florida Keys, the donations needed to be received, unloaded and then reloaded into two 20 foot containers. We would like thank Crowley at Port Everglades for their partnership in the use of their facility, equipment, drivers and all employees that worked to transfer the donations. This was a key part in facilitating the disbursement of the donations that will be delivered to the Florida Keys next week.

Thanks as well to all of the brothers and sisters of Teamsters Local 25 whose efforts and generosity set the example for solidarity in this great Union. It was a very successful group effort and greatly appreciated.

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Teamsters Business Agent Supports Our Troops

Posted May 29, 2017 By Local 769

On Friday, April 28 and Saturday, April 29, 2017, iPods for Wounded Veterans along with Teamsters Local 769 Business Agent David Renshaw had the pleasure of visiting with our Veterans at the Walter Reed Military Medical Center, the Fort Belvoir Hospital and the Richmond V.A.

iPods for Wounded Veterans secures sponsorship to collect iPods, iPads, eReaders, Nooks, Bose headphones and other materials for our wounded veterans. Their class A security clearance allows them to personally hand deliver these gifts to the military and wounded veterans as well as to interact with the soldiers and their families one-on-one.

Through iPods for Wounded Veterans, there is also a program called ‘Dear Soldier’ in which kindergarten through 12th graders from different schools write letters to the wounded soldiers. These letters consist of children thanking soldiers for their service and included thank you “rulers” that the students made. In regards to the Dear Solider program, brother Renshaw was asked to be involved in delivering these letters. “It was an honor to accept this invitation to personally deliver the letters that we collected from Broward, Dade and the City of Key West.”, said David. “We collected and delivered over 1,600 thank you letters, recycled crayon hearts and thank you banners.”

Between Friday, April 28 and Saturday, April 29, 2017 they delivered over 4,000 thank you letters from all ages of children across the United States, 1,800 assorted magazines and over 400 electronic items. During these two days, they had the pleasure of spending quality time with the soldiers and their families. The average age of the soldiers range from 21-25 with many different types of injuries, including multiple amputations and PTSD. “As we were there thanking them for their service and sacrifice, they took pause and thanked US for taking the time to remember them and their families.”, continued David. “The expression on a soldier’s face when they receive and read the letters from the children is something that I will never forget.” The letters are received with the utmost gratitude and these letters give the soldiers such joy from children they don’t even know. They truly appreciate the efforts of the children and the kindness in each of their hearts.

Unfortunately, as the battle continues overseas, there will be a continuous need for an organization of this nature, now and into the future. This will be an ongoing project for all of us. We must continue to support our veterans as well as assist others in spreading the word to help keep this fantastic program going so that we can give back to our veterans. They have so selflessly given so much of themselves for us. They are the very reason we enjoy the freedoms we have today.

Join us in thanking iPods for Wounded Veterans and brother David Renshaw and stay tuned as Teamsters Local 769 will have another Dear Soldier campaign in November and December 2017. If you would like additional information on this or other Human Rights Commission Events, contact Business Agent David Renshaw at drenshaw@teamsterslocal769.org.

To donate to iPods for Wounded Veterans click here www.ipodsforvets.org.

On this Memorial Day Weekend, remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this great nation and the freedoms we hold dear.

Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend and we would like to wish all our Veterans a Happy Memorial Day on behalf of Teamsters Local 769 .

On Sunday, April 17, 2016, iPods for Wounded Veterans received an award from V.A. Medical Center as “Volunteer Service Organization of the Year” for our ongoing devoted service for our Veterans.  During the 2016 and 2017 we have multiple trips planned in W.P.B., Orlando & Tampa Florida in our continued support for our wounded veterans.

For additional information and to find out how “you” can get involved with iPods for Wounded Veterans, kindly contact Teamsters Local 769 Business Agent and Southern USA representative for iPods for Wounded Veterans David Rensahw at (305) 642-6255 Ext 2236 or drenshaw@teamsterslocal769.org” and we would like to thank all of our brave veterans for their service.


Monroe County Food Drive

Posted January 10, 2016 By Local 769


The Teamsters annual food drive in Monroe County was once again a great success. The success comes at the generosity of many members contributing non-perishable products. While all the Teamsters who participate in this success are significant, in this particular picture are three of the driving forces, Becky Roberts from the Sheriffs office, Charlie Pons from the city of Key West and Zach McCart from UPS. Thanks to them and to all of the Teamsters who contributed their time and efforts to again make this years food drive a positive Teamster influence on our community.


Teamsters Local 769 Helps Saves Lives

Posted January 22, 2015 By Local 769

IMG_3567 (1)On Saturday January 17, 2015, Teamsters Local 769 hosted its first ever CPR class at the Miami Union hall. Today’s workplace is safer than ever thanks to Labor Unions, but in an age of increased productivity and automation the battle to keep the workplace safe goes on. Union members are the safest, most highly trained workers in their industries and having the correct training to respond to an emergency can sometimes be the difference between life and death.SDC13748

During the class, members received training on C.P.R., B.L.S. (basic life support) and A.E.D. Defibrillator training such as what to do when a child, infant or an adult has a problem breathing; giving compressions and breaths to an infant, a child and an adult; the Heimlich Maneuver and how to use an automatic external defibrillator (AED).

The instructor of the course was a Teamster Local 769 shop steward from Medics Ambulance in Miami, FL. The course lasted approximately two and one half to three hours and the cost of the class was $25.00 which included a plastic mouth piece for the members to keep. Upon completion of the course the member were CPR Certified and they will receive their CPR certification within two weeks by mail.

SDC13743I think this is a great class to offer to the members and their families. It’s a class that can save a life, said David Renshaw-H.R.C. who was one of the first members to take the class at the Union hall.

Stay tuned as Teamsters Local 769 will be having additional courses to offer in the near future. Since class sizes are small, they will be offered on a first come first serve basis so look for details on the next offering soon.

If you would like additional information please contact David Renshaw (305) 642-6255, ext 2236 or by email at drenshaw@teamsterslocal769.org.

Together we can make a difference…..lets educate and save lives.

Local 769 Helps Deliver 110 Bikes

Posted December 23, 2014 By Local 769

DSC01587Over the weekend Teamsters Local 769 partnered up with and sponsored the 100 Black Men (Greater Fort Lauderdale Chapter), for their 9th annual bike drive. Our Mission is “To improve the quality of life of African/Caribbean American families through the enhancement of educational and economic opportunities within or community” said Dennis Wright-President.

DSC01575On Saturday, December 20, 2014 at a park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 110 fully assembled bikes were awarded academically to the students in the greater Fort Lauderdale area. “I was very impressed when I found out the bikes were awarded academically to multiple schools (elementary and middle). Once the students achieved the academic requirements, a letter was sent home inviting the students and the parents to today’s great event at the park” said David Renshaw, of the Teamsters Local 769-Human Rights Commission.

For more information, in regards to 100 Black Men or this event, please visit www.100blackmengfl.org, or call 954-519-0002, as they are a 501C3 organization.