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UPS Freight Update

Posted July 31, 2013 By Local 769


The following press release from the IBT announces that the UPS Freight National Negotiating Committee has begun meeting as of July 31, 2013. Subscribe for updates on the left side of our home page and we will keep you informed on all news as it related to UPS Freight members of Teamsters Local 769.


Posted June 26, 2013 By Local 769

UPS Freight Contract Rejected In Separate Referendum

June 26, 2013

The Teamsters Union announced today that a majority of UPS Teamsters have voted to approve a new five-year national contract that contains significant wage increases and other improvements.

The vote on the contract, the largest collective bargaining agreement in North America, was 34,307 to 30,202The union also announced that UPS Freight Teamsters have rejected a proposed five-year national agreement with UPS Freight by a vote of 1,897 to 4,244.

Highlights of the new UPS contract, which covers about 240,000 union-represented employees, include wage increases totaling $3.90 per hour over the five-year term of the agreement, an increase in the starting part-time wage rate, the creation of 2,350 full-time jobs, protections from harassment and intimidation by supervisors, protections for employees who choose to work fewer hours in a day and guaranteed vacation time for employees coming back from military leave and other improvements. The agreement also maintains the current practice of no employee contributions for monthly premiums for health insurance.

A provision in the contract that changes the health care plan for some UPS Teamsters led to the rejection of 17 local supplements and riders to the national agreement. The provision moves 140,000 UPS Teamsters from their current UPS health plan into a new plan that will be jointly administered by the Teamsters Union and employers. That change was made because during negotiations, UPS said it would cut health benefits that members currently receive in the company plan and raise the cost to employees significantly.

The Teamster negotiating committees responsible for the supplements and riders that were not approved by a majority of voting members will be talking with the members in their areas. In the meantime, the Teamsters Union will schedule meetings to engage the company in further negotiations to achieve our members’ objectives.

The Teamsters National UPS Freight Negotiating Committee will be scheduling negotiations with UPS Freight soon in order to address members’ concerns. That agreement, which covers about 10,000 union-represented workers, will then need to be voted on again by the members.

click here to view announcement from Ken Hall

UPS UPDATE – Ratification

Posted June 25, 2013 By Local 769

Members of Local 769 voted overwhelmingly for the ratification of the National Master Agreement and Southern Supplement (UPS Brown). The Freight Agreement and Air Cargo Agreement were not ratified. Click here for results on the IBT website. We are waiting for the vote to be certified by the International and they are taking the lead in that process. The local will update our members as soon as more information becomes available. Check back here or subscribe for updates by entering your email address in the form field on the left side of our home page.

There will be a referendum on whether to accept the proposed changes to the National Master United Parcel Service Agreement, Supplements and Riders.

The referendum is being conducted by mail ballot. Ballots will be mailed to all eligible members on or about Tuesday, May 28, 2013. All ballots must be received at the designated post office box in Lantham, Maryland, by 10:00 AM on Thursday, June 20, 2013, to be counted.

UPS and UPS Freight members of Local 769 who have not received a ballot by Thursday, June 6, 2013, should contact the Teamsters Local 769 Miami office at (305)642-6255 to request a ballot. Ballots may be requested through Thursday June 13, 2013, 12:00 PM Eastern Time.

Instructions for completion of the ballot are enclosed in the ballot package.


Some of the packets of ballots mailed to UPS Package Teamsters contain a return envelope that says “UPS Freight” on the front.

Please be assured that all of these will be counted in the UPS Package Referendum with the appropriate supplements and riders. The envelopes contain a unique identification code that allows the Independent Election Supervisor to make sure the ballot is counted with the UPS Package Referendum.

In addition, all ballots are clearly marked as to which Agreement the ballots are for and they are color coded. Observers and the Election Supervisor will be able to clearly see that they are being sorted and counted with the proper Agreement.

There is no need to request a replacement ballot. Please return the ballot in the envelope that was in your packet and it will be counted.

We apologize for any confusion.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

Details Released on ABF Tentative Agreement

Posted May 21, 2013 By Local 769

Details were released on the Tentative Agreement reached with ABF at a meeting on May 20th in Chicago. Leaders from about 160Teamster local unions that represent ABF members unanimously approved the tentative master agreement and supplements. Below is the official contract update. If you would like to dowload a copy or are unable to view the page below, click here. The Full Master and Supplement Tentative Agreements are listed at the bottom of this post.

ABF National Master Freight Agreement 2013-2018

Southern Region Supplements

Southern Garage

Southern Office

Southern Over The Road

Southern Pickup & Delivery


Teamster Local 769 Union leaders and other Local leaders representing UPS Freight workers across the country unanimously endorsed the tentative national agreement today, clearing the way for ballots to be prepared and sent to members.

General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall, who also serves as Package Division Director and Co-Chairman of the Teamsters UPS Freight National Negotiating Committee with General President Jim Hoffa, presented the changes contained in the tentative agreement to nearly 200 Local Union leaders.

“This is a strong tentative agreement that does exactly what our members asked for, which is to take on subcontracting while increasing wages and pension contributions,” Hall said. “The committee stayed focused and united, and they got the job done.”

Details of the tentative agreement with UPS Freight were outlined at the “two-person” meeting, attended by two representatives from each Local Union. This is the second national agreement for UPS Freight Teamsters.

“Both negotiating committees were at the table at the same time representing 250,000 workers at UPS and UPS Freight,” Hoffa said. “That’s a lot of bargaining power. We were able to show a united Teamster front and it paid off.”

Local leaders are being encouraged to hold Local Union meetings to discuss details of the tentative agreement.

Ballot packages will be mailed to all members at the end of May for ratification of the master agreement. Complete voting instructions will be included in the ballot package. Tentatively, ballots will start being counted on or about June 20.



The International Brotherhood of Teamsters and ABF reached a tentative contract agreement, Gordon Sweeton, Co-Chairman of the Teamsters National ABF Negotiating Committee, announced today.

No further details will be released until leaders from Teamster local unions that represent ABF members meet in the near future to review the tentative agreement and decide whether to endorse it.

Once the upcoming meeting takes place, the union will release more information.