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UAL Lump Sum Explanation

Posted December 23, 2016 By Local 769
This memo is being provided with a link to the explanation, procedure and process any UAL Technicians will need to follow if they feel the signing bonus/retro amount they have received is not accurate and does not reflect the hours you worked in the period which “Considered Earnings” was measured, (July 1, 2013 and August 31, 2016).

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unitedSix-Year Contract Puts Teamsters at the Top of the Industry

Mechanics at United Airlines stations across the nation ratified a six-year National Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement with the company today after more than three years of negotiations.
More than 9,000 mechanics in the bargaining unit will see their compensation move to the top of the industry, marked improvements in leave and a unique industry reset, which will put the mechanics’ package 2 percent above the highest compensation in the industry every two years. Teamster members will also receive a signing bonus worth tens of thousands of dollars.
“This is a landmark day for the Teamsters,” said Jim Hoffa, Teamsters General President. “From the very beginning of the aviation industry, the Teamsters have been raising standards for workers. As a union, we’ve taken another step up today.”
“This contract represents the largest contract for a mechanics group in airline industry history,” said Capt. David Bourne, Director of the Teamsters Airline Division. “It is a package worth a collective $1.7 billion dollars in improvements in compensation and benefits over the current agreement. I’ve always said proudly that Teamster contracts are the strongest in the industry and this contract is one of our strongest ever. I’d like to acknowledge the incredible work of International Representative Clacy Griswold on this agreement and for decades of service to Airline Division Teamsters. It is fitting that his storied career would culminate with the largest contract ever for airline mechanics. I’d also like to thank International Representatives Bob Fisher and Capt. Paul Alves and the entire negotiating committee.”
“This contract was possible because of the solidarity we demonstrated shift-to-shift and station-to-station,” said Joseph Prisco, a 27-year mechanic at United Airlines and a member of the United Airlines negotiating committee.
“As mechanics, we’re taught to work as a team to accomplish the important goal of aircraft safety. Using that same team concept, we stuck together with professionalism, solidarity and purpose to get an industry-leading contract.”

UAL Tentative Agreement Voting Instructions

Posted November 16, 2016 By Local 769
The following information applies to All UAL Technicians
Everyone should be aware the voting information for the TA has been mailed, by “BallotPoint”, Monday, November 14, 2016. The following memos will help explain the general voting information, when and how to request a “Duplicate Package”, when the voting will end, etc. 
We encourage all s-CAL, s-UAL & s-MIC members affected by this contract vote, take the time to make themselves familiar with the TA details and the voting process so you get to exercise your right to vote!! 
You must have all the correct facts in order to make an informed decision, do not hesitate to contact your Business Representative with any questions you may have before casting your final vote! 
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 Tommy Esposito
Business Representative
Teamsters Local 769

UAL Tentative Agreement Overview

Posted October 16, 2016 By Local 769


The following videos have been put together by the Teamsters Airline Division to help with getting the proper information to all the members. The video’s are overviews of the TA in the areas of Health Benefits, Economic Items & Scope explained by the Professionals that help the negotiating committee throughout the four years of this negotiations process.
An additional video on Pension is now in the format process and will be released and posted on this web site soon.
Note: All videos are also available for review on “YouTube” if you are unable to view or play them here.

The following document is the latest press release regarding the agreement in principle between the Teamsters and United Airlines for a joint contract covering the company’s approximately 9,000 technicians and other related employees. Click here if you are unable to view the copy below.

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UAL Negotiations Update

Posted April 18, 2016 By Local 769

UAL Action Reporting in the Press

Posted March 16, 2016 By Local 769

To all of our UAL Members and others following the past actions against United Airlines. Recent efforts to show the company that the Aircraft Technicians will not settle for anything less than a leading industry contract can get the latest new’s reports from external media sources at the links below.

Teamster Mechanics Threaten Strike Against United Airlines

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IMG_2107 - Edited

On February 26, 2016, hundreds of United Airlines mechanics picketed at the San Francisco, Los Angeles (LAX), Newark, LaGuardia, Washington Dulles, Cleveland, Boston Logan and Orlando airports, to educate passengers about the possibility of upcoming strikes.

Last week, mechanics voted down United’s contract proposal by 93 percent. Mechanics also voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. Over 9,000 mechanics at United are represented by the Teamsters Union, which is petitioning the National Mediation Board for a strike release.IMG_2114

“We sacrificed a lot, including our retirement security, to save this company,” said shop steward Fred Wood, a 24-year mechanic at United in San Francisco. “The only winners here are United executives, who are enriching themselves with $3 billion in stock buybacks to boost the value of their own stock options. Meanwhile, we’re basically being asked to pay for our own raises. We are loyal workers who have stuck with United for decades, and we’re out here today to let passengers know that we’re not going to let United abuse us anymore.”

IMG_2116“When United was in bankruptcy, it terminated employees’ pensions with the promise that it would make workers whole with profit sharing when good times returned. Now United is earning record profits and spending billions to buy back stock, yet it is slashing mechanics’ profit sharing by two-thirds and offering mechanics only a 73-cent-per-hour net wage increase annually. Mechanics are rightly angry with United’s Board of Directors, and that’s why there may be strikes this summer,” said Capt. David Bourne, Director of the Teamsters Airline Division.

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Orlando UAL Mechanics Protest Contract Offer

Posted February 23, 2016 By Local 769

February 19, 2016, hundreds of United Airlines mechanics protested the airline’s contract offer by picketing outside key maintenance bases at the San Francisco, Houston and Orlando airports. The above video is of members of Teamsters Local 769 at Orlando International Airport.

The mechanics held picket signs that read, “Millions for UAL Execs—Peanuts for Passengers and Mechanics.” Line mechanics and technicians at other United facilities across the United States also participated by wearing “Tell UAL: NO” stickers at their workplaces.

Earlier this week, mechanics voted down United’s contract proposal by 93 percent. Mechanics also voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. Over 9,000 mechanics at United are represented by the Teamsters Union, which will petition the National Mediation Board for a strike release.

TAMC Granted Non-Profit Status

Posted January 9, 2016 By Local 769

The following article was featured in the January edition of the Teamster Leader and relates to our brothers and sisters in the Airline Mechanics industry.

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