AmeriJet Update 8-27-15


Teamsters Local 769 I.B.T. –  Contract update for Amerijet Crew Members

RE: Teamsters Local 769 update Thursday, August 27, 2015

As you are aware, I.B.T. along with Teamsters Local 769 held a meeting last Saturday, August 22nd, at our Broward office.  During that meeting we discussed multiple topics with multiple guest speakers.  Our first guest speaker was Noah Warman from the Sugarman and Susskind law firm, Noah explained the entire process in regards to the ongoing Supreme Court matter, including the 90 page Amerijet rebuttal (see 1st document below) that has been recently submitted to the Supreme Court.  One of the many cases attached to the Supreme Court of the United States, is the Company taking the position that you will not be covered under the current CBA when flying overseas (POS).  The POS may not affect you right now, however it could if the Company attempts to expand their position.

Our second guest speaker was Captain David Bourne, International Brotherhood of Teamsters Airline Division.  Captain David spoke about multiple items in regards to the International airline division, including the full support of I.B.T. and the resources of I.B.T.  The comment that David Bassett referred to in his email that went out to all the crew on August 26, 2015, was taken out of context.  Obviously, whomever reported back to the Company, did not relay David Bourne’s information correctly.  That’s why we encourage you to attend this weekend’s scheduled meeting in order to obtain the correct information as it pertains to your future.


Saturday, August 29, 2015

11:00 AM (sharp)

Teamsters Local 769

12365 West Dixie Highway

North Miami, FL, 33161

During our last meeting, I.B.T determined that you, the crew, should have a right to view the Company’s last and best final (see the 2nd document below).  Again, the reason why you, the crew, did not have an opportunity to vote on the last and best final was due to the fact that after I.B.T. airline division reviewed the last and best final packet, they determined that the content was substandard for the industry.  When you review the last and best final, your bargaining committee wanted to explain to each of you, our concerns with the last and best final, kindly (see the 3rd document below). On another note we want you to know that Amerijet has stopped responding in respect to the P.F.E contract nor have we received a wage proposal from Amerijet in regards to the P.F.E. CBA, that is yet another reason why we proceeded to mediation.

The Company’s last and best final does NOT cover all of our concerns.  Yes, they did come up in pay however, that increase in pay is still below industry standards, when you look at the proposed duration, We will not be bought out.  This will be our second collective bargaining agreement.  During the life of our first agreement, we learned multiple topics that needed to be addressed from situations and grievances and we addressed them through our proposals/negotiations on your behalf and we will continue to do so.

We find this recent state of the Company’s position to be yet another attempt to place a wedge between you and your Union.  Amerijet forced us to proceed to mediation due to their substandard industry proposal while continuing to fight your Union in Federal court.  Thousands of dollars have been spent on this and we will continue to move forward.  When we prevail in this matter.  We will then have a right to file for arbitration so that an arbitrator may hear our open grievances.

In closing, Teamsters Local 769 and I.B.T. would like nothing better than to obtain a tentative agreement with Amerijet.  However, based on the actions of the Company, it does not appear as though that will happen at this time, as they do not seem to have your best interest in mind, as where your Union does.   All of this could have been resolved through Labor Relations, in which we will continue to strive for.  I leave you with this thought, if you were to add up all of the money Amerijet has spent fighting your Union, the same Union that is advocating for you and your rights, add up that money spent plus the time spent……We could have had a signed contract between both parties and a decent wage, insurance and job protection from your collective bargaining agreement while flying in international air space.

Kind Regards

Teamsters Local 769

David Renshaw

Business Representative / Human Rights Commission

iPods for Wounded Veterans / Southern USA Representative

Teamsters Local 769

12365 West Dixie Highway

North Miami, FL  33161

(305) 642-6255, Ext. 2236

(305) 891-5896 (fax)


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