AmeriJet Crew Update 12-3-15

Federal lawsuit update:

In regards to the lawsuit that Amerijet generated and in regards to the Union’s “motion to dismiss” ,the Federal court has called for a “status meeting” between the parties.  This meeting is scheduled for Friday, December 4, 2015 @ 11:15AM, Miami, FL.

In addition to the above, an additional lawsuit was generated by a crew member last week.  Said crew member has now filed a lawsuit against I.B.T. and Amerijet as well.  Ironically, that crew member is a check airman.  After careful review of a side by side comparison of the (2) two recent lawsuits, they appear to be identical to one another.  However, it was a poor cut and paste as we noted some clerical errors on the latest lawsuit.

We all know who is behind this and who is funding the check airman representation.   Another fine example displayed of “labor relations” from Amerijet. The check airman’s case is now transferred to the same judge assigned to the Amerijet lawsuit.

I will follow up on Friday with an outcome of said “status meeting” with the Federal court in regards to the two lawsuits and the motion to dismiss.

David A. Renshaw

Teamsters Local No. 769-Business Agent

Human Rights Commission

ipods For Wounded Veterans-Southern U.S.A. Representative