Joe Lopez

769t 023Jose (Joe) Lopez was born in Brooklyn, New York on August 9th 1954. He graduated from High School in 1972 and attended Community College in New York and in 1974 moved to Miami Fl.

Once relocated in Florida, Joe started working for a small industrial bakery as a fuel man. He began fueling the smaller route trucks owned by the bakery but was soon doing drop and hooks to fuel the road tractors, then began driving tractor trailers for the same bakery. A close friend was also a driver but working for Ryder Truck Lines a Union Job. Joe applied at Ryder and after working about two years as a casual became regular in 1978. After being on layoff for two years and working at all of the Union Freight barns as a casual while still regular at Ryder, Joe took full time position at Allied Systems. Allied is one of the Union Carhaul Companies. Joe then became the Alternate Steward then the Chief Steward for about 10 years.

Joe then to come work directly for the Local as a Business Agent in March of 2003. Since that time he has been the Business Agent for the Freight Division, the Carhaul Division, The Movie Division, Crowley Liner Services, Pat Salmon Company and several White Paper Warehousing Contracts. Joe currently serves as the Southern Region Carhaul Co-Chairman for the IBT

Joe currently resides in Coral Springs with his wife and his step children and his son Joseph is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine practicing in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Joe works out of the Miami office located at:

12365 W. Dixie Hwy.

Miami, Florida 33161

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(305) 642-6255, (800) 397-6656
Fax: (305) 891-5896

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