FreshPoint Drivers Say Yes to Teamster Representation


signal-2016-08-27-155309The voting began Thursday night at 11pm and on Friday morning August 26th, when the votes were counted, Teamsters Local 769 had 101 new brothers and sisters.

FreshPoint is North America’s largest exclusively owned produce distributor and a division of Sysco Corporation. They boast about their commitment to their customers but as with many produce and grocery delivery companies, their commitment to their employees is lacking to say the least.

The NEW Teamsters work at the Pompano Beach Florida facility as well as other satellite yards located around South Florida. They won their election by a margin of 63% against a hard fought anti-union campaign by Syscos usual gaggle of union busters. This is the third organizing victory by Teamsters Local 769 at a Sysco owned warehouse in South Florida during the past four months and there are 101 workers in the bargaining unit.

“Once again, workers stood up to Sysco’s anti-worker, anti-union tactics and stood strong and united in their fight for positive change,” said Mike Scott, President of Local 769 in Miami. “The drivers at FreshPoint work hard providing fresh produce to their communities and they deserve to receive fair wages and benefits and to be treated with respect.”

“It’s a relief to finally have a voice on the job for myself and my co-workers,” said Dondi McCrea, a driver and three-year employee. “It feels great to be a Teamster—it’s a blessing.”

“We have been mistreated for too long, but now we will fight for respect on the job as Teamsters,” said 10-year employee Eddy Deronvil, another driver, one of many employees of Haitian descent. “This is a great day.”

In addition to being treated with dignity and respect, the workers are seeking fair wages, improved benefits and better working conditions in the Florida heat.

Congratulations to our newest Teamsters and welcome to Local 769.