Amerijet Pilots Reject Company “Offer”

unnamedas published in the Teamsters Airline Division week in review

After the management of Amerijet circumvented Federal law and attempted to negotiate directly with certain members of the pilot group instead of the union, the company and a handful of pilots pushed to have the Union put the Company’s proposal out for a vote. While the union believed it was under no legal obligation to do so, the Teamsters opted to do so to show the pilots’ resolve and lay that distraction to rest.

The result, announced on Friday, was another major defeat for the company and their union busting tactics. Almost 60% of pilots rejected the company offer of a substandard agreement. All eligible voters had the opportunity participate in this process supervised by Ballot Point, a third-party. The previous unsanctioned election conducted at the company’s urging in 2015 did not reflect all the pilots’ true intent.

In a message to the membership on Friday announcing the results, Local 769 Business Agent David Renshaw outlined the process going forward when he said, “Teamsters Local No. 769 will contact the Company and the National Mediation Board to continue the negotiation/mediation process and obtain an agreement between the parties.  There is NO reason why our ongoing labor dispute needs to continue.   We could have this matter wrapped up in days if the company dealt with us in good faith. The Teamsters and our pilots are prepared to continue negotiations next week and we hope the company is too!”  Mr. Renshaw added that all pilots should contact company CEO Dave Basset, who has been prominent in the recent efforts to force a contract on pilots, to get his team back to work on an agreement immediately.