Fight for 15 Day of Action

20151110_171759On Tuesday November 10th, 2015, during a national day of action. Hundreds of demonstrations were coordinated around the country and Teamsters Local 769, along with other organizations such as the AFL/CIO, AFSME, SEIU, UNITED HERE and other Unions, gathered at a rally in downtown Miami in support of a “$15” minimum wage. It was a united effort by local unions to increase the Dade County living wage ordinance that effects many of our own brothers and sisters such as our UNICCO members who participated from the Miami International Airport. 20151110_173441 (2)Together we’re working to increase the minimum wage and improve health care for these and every hard-working man and woman.

Rallies were conducted in about 270 other cities nationwide including West Palm Beach in our area as well. About 100 people rallied at South Military Trail and Gun Club Road near West Palm Beach Tuesday and around 200 peopled gathered outside County Hall in downtown Miami. Thousands of workers around the country took part, flexing their political muscles with a presidential election on the horizon.

20151110_173536 (2)In South Florida, the day of action began at 6 a.m. when more than 40 fast-food workers and home healthcare aides went on strike for an hour outside the McDonald’s near Miami Dade College’s Wolfson campus. The movement grew from there to downtown Miami.

Recent research by the United Way of Miami-Dade has found that half of local families don’t make enough to pay for basic needs such as housing, child care, healthcare and transportation. The impact is particularly painful for children: About 30 percent of local preschoolers live in poverty, according to a report from Miami-Dade County.

Cities around the country have tackled this very same issue including Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco who have agreed to gradually raise their minimum wage to $15. New York City will do the same with fast-food workers, but for now, some Miami residents without a job say there is barely any point looking for work with wages where they are today. Rallies like these put pressure on area politicians to draft legislation that the people really need.

Look for future opportunities to participate in this growing movement in your area. A rising tide lifts all boats and raising the minimum wage means more money in the local economy as well. Stand with workers. Stand with Labor. Union YES!

Rally in WPB

Supporters for $15 rally in West Palm Beach