AmeriJet Crew Update


On Tuesday, November 3, 2015 the National Mediation process was scheduled to begin in Fort Lauderdale, FL at AmeriJet headquarters.

The following participants attended:

Eva J. Durham-Mediator-National Mediation Board

Anthony Tosi-Mediator-National Mediation Board

David Bourne-Director of Airline Division at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Steve Nagrotsky-Deputy Director of Airline Division at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters

David Renshaw- Business Agent, Teamsters Local No. 769

Pilot and P.F.E. Bargaining Committee

Derry Huff-Amerijet

Isis Suria-Amerijet

Today, to our surprise, Amerijet filed a lawsuit with United States District Court-Southern District of Florida.  The lawsuit was filed against the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.  The lawsuit, in our opinion, is a frivolous lawsuit and we are currently reviewing it with the legal department at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.  Let me be clear, your company, Amerijet, is the one who has processed this lawsuit and now that a lawsuit has been generated the National Mediation Board has no other option but to place the current mediation process on hold until said legal matters get resolved.  The lawsuit was filed because the company states that the pilot group held an internal VOTE! Each of you know of the individual(s) that were behind and involved in this “non” sanctioned vote and due to their irresponsible actions, they are now responsible for HOLDING up the process of obtaining a collective bargaining agreement in which would include an increase in wages and other additional enhancements.  We, the Union, were looking forward to a productive process. However, once again, your Company has expressed a continuous display of anti-labor relations, that are in place for the benefit of you and your families.

As stated before, do not sign any paper/document until your shop stewards and or Business Agent has an opportunity to review, as you can see a signature can have serious ramifications.

We have a crew conference call scheduled for:

Date: Sunday, November 8, 2015
Phone number: 1(857)232-0155
Conference Code:            252106

This recent action only confirms the importance of having a labor organization especially for an employer like Amerijet.  Their actions will only provide us with additional UNITY.

The following letter has been provided by the Teamsters Airline Division Director David P. Bourne and is in regards to the ongoing AmeriJet negotiations.


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