Victory for Teamsters at AmeriJet


We are pleased to report that the federal 11th Circuit court of appeals issued a decision on our appeal yesterday and across the board ruled in our favor. The victory affects our Teamster brothers and sisters at Amerijet whose contractual rights are all the more secure now. The appellate court found that we have the right to grieve and arbitrate events that occur outside of the US and American airspace.  The court also ruled that we have the right to advance grievances to arbitration even if Amerijet complains about whether the grievances were timely filed or advanced through the steps of the grievance procedure. This is a terrific victory which reverses the district court’s October 17, 2012 ruling granting AmeriJet a “Motion to Dismiss”.

Teamsters Local 769 represents AmeriJet’s pilots and flight engineers and there are Collective Bargaining Agreements that represent each unit which will be bolstered by this ruling. Thanks for a great job by our friends at Sugarman & Susskind who helped win another one for the workers. Another reason collective bargaining works for America. Strong Teamster contracts hold up in court, providing solid workplace rights and job security.

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