Avis/Budget Employees WIN BIG!

AvisBudget1Teamsters Local 769 would like to welcome our newest members from the Avis / Budget groups at the Miami and Fort Lauderdale Airport Locations. This encompasses both the Rental Representatives and the Customer Service Representatives at both locations.  The employees at these locations voted unanimously to ratify their first contract which officially makes them new Teamsters. It is a long-standing policy of Teamsters Local 769 to not collect dues from any group that has voted for Teamster representation until they ratify their first contract.

AvisBudget2This journey for these brave employees began almost one year ago (see story) and their strength and solidarity has brought them the major job improvements they were seeking. The new contract contains wage improvements, new grievance procedures with progressive discipline standards as well as improvements to vacation and holiday time.  These and other improvements give them greater job security and rewards for their hard work which has helped make the Avis/Budget group such a strong and profitable company.

Teamsters Local 769 would like to extend a special thank you to the following members of the negotiating committee who helped shape and ratify this strong agreement. Ivan Rodriguez, Richard Scott, Abdallah Ahroun, Kenya McGee, Trelisa Duncan and Martina Denis.

Congratulations to all of our new brothers and sisters at Avis/Budget. You have again helped to demonstrate why collective bargaining works for so many working men and women of the world. When workers win, everyone wins.