Victory at Amerigas Broward CSR

10714134_518135638323247_64995104158763859_oAnother 769 organizing victory  this month. This one at Amerigas CSR in Broward. Teamsters Local 769 would like to welcome our newest  members who voted 6 to 1 for strong Teamsters representation.

The main reason the customer service representatives for Amerigas voted for Teamster representation at the Broward County facility was they were looking to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace. Some of the employees working at that location have been employed for over 15 years and were seeking the addition the grievance procedure to ensure their job security.

Business Agent John Sherman would like to congratulate them for standing together and staying strong throughout a campaign where the company resorted to union busting tactics and did all they could to discourage the employees from voting for Teamster representation.

Teamsters local 769 also represents the driver, services techs and yard men, not only in Broward, but also in Miami-Dade and the Florida Keys.