Stand Up for Working Families

EarlyVoteUse our greatest power collectively – VOTE!

If you haven’t already early voted, Teamsters Local 769 would like to remind you to get out and vote early if possible but be sure to vote this Tuesday November 4th, 2014 if you can’t early vote. The mid-term elections are often overlooked but still very important as we encourage you to support the men and women running for office that understand the issues of today’s union members and their families. There is a lot at stake and significant issues facing working men and women will undoubtedly be affected by the outcome of these elections.

Below is a list of voting information links for each county.



Palm Beach


St. Lucie

Indian River





The Teamster Union’s Congressional voting scorecard allows members to see where their elected officials stand on the issues that matter most to Teamsters and all working families. Click here to find your Representative and Senators and see how they voted.

If you would like to know which candidates are recommended by Teamsters Local 769,click here.