I’m a Teamster and I VOTE!

It’s ALL about turnout so inspire your brothers and sisters to get out the vote.

Experts agree, the candidates that will win this fall will be those who motivate their supporters to get to the polls. Across the country, the labor movement is gearing up to be sure that our candidates are those winners.

voteHere at Teamsters Local 769 we have a couple of voter education and motivational programs in the works this fall and we hope you’ll help.

Miami Teamsters - June, 1968

Miami Teamsters – June, 1968

The first is Membership Mondays. On Membership Mondays our social media pages will feature tips and educational posts for newest members in our ranks. While we know some of this information will be old news to our seasoned union veterans, we encourage those in our ranks to share it with members in your friends list that could benefit from the advice. We also will feature pro-labor Memes you can share with all of your friends to encourage them to follow us through one of our many internet media outlets. Tell friends and family to like us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or subscribe to our website for updates. The goal is to grow our ranks and educate our followers. Knowledge is power and greater numbers means a more powerful union.

The second program we are rolling out is Election Watch Wednesdays. Through our social media pages and website on Wednesdays this fall, we will be providing our members and all fans of labor with ways that you support your Unions in the November election as well as other election information such as early voting locations and hours. Make sure your Union brothers and sister understand the importance of voting this and every election year and be certain they know which candidates are friends of the working man and woman.

Finally we have our #Local769Votes campaign. To raise awareness and labor supporting voter turnout, we are encouraging all members of Teamsters Local 769 to join us in our Labor Challenge. Show your Union spirit and post a photo of yourself on your social media page while holding our #Local769Votes flyer. Print yours here and join the ranks of members who will stand up for labor on November 4th by saying, “I’m a Teamster and I VOTE!”

DRIVEAs always we encourage all of our members to participate in the Teamsters D.R.I.V.E. program which supports candidates from all parties who stand up with labor.  You can learn more about the D.R.I.V.E. program here and always vote for those who have your backs as working men and women.

We have a tough battle ahead, but Teamsters all always ready for a fight. Stand up, stand together and VOTE!