Informational Picketing at UPS Supply Chain Solutions

DSC00213On February 14, 2014, an information picketing was assembled in front of the UPS Supply Chain Solution facility. The purpose of the information picketing was to let the company know that Teamsters Local Union 769 will stand for your rights.

UPS Supply Chain Solution made unilateral changes to the employee’s health insurance benefits without bargaining with the union.

  1. DSC00222UPS Supply Chain Solution has taken the position to remove the spouse of employees from the health insurance if they have insurance at their place of employment without bargaining with the Union.
  2. UPS Supply Chain Solutions is demanding employees that smoke pay $150 dollars towards the health insurance without bargaining with the union.

Teamsters Local Union 769 is here to continue providing you the best representation possible to improve UPS Supply Chain Solution employee working conditions. To provide you job security.

Teamsters Local Union 769 will continue representing you and protecting your rights, it’s unfortunate that your employer (UPS Supply Chain Solution) does not do the same.

Together We Are United, Together We Can Build, And Together we are Strong