Film Florida – Rally in Tally

Each March, film industry members descend on Tallahassee for an annual Capitol Blitz. Though some of our members are regulars in Tallahassee throughout the year, the March meeting gives all members an opportunity to walk the halls and meet with lawmakers in an effort to increase awareness about legislature that affects the film industry, and to communicate the impact the film industry has in our state.

The successful “Rally in Tally” has played an instrumental role in helping increase our states financial incentives and tax credits.

This is a critical year to show the Florida legislation that the Film, Entertainment, and Digital Media Industry is in need of their support.

Join us in this effort to walk the halls of the Florida legislature and speak directly with the legislators who can support the pending legislation to replenish the Florida Film & Entertainment Incentive Program.

  • WHAT: Rally in Tally for Entertainment Production Tax Incentive Program
  • WHO: We need cast and crew from film, TV, digital and ancillary businesses to participate!
  • WHERE: Capitol Building, Tallahassee, FL
  • WHEN: Travel March 25th and return March 26th
  • HOW: Bus and hotel (double occupancy) will cost approximately $100


DEADLINE: We need attendee counts to reserve buses and hotel rooms. Please RSVP by February 15th if you interested in joining our efforts!

RSVP is required to coordinate bus travel and hotel rooms.